University of Lahore

S.No Title Type Year Profile Name Group Name
1 “Perception of women’s character as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on modern apparent personality traits: a qualitative exploration in Pakistani society Conference Paper 2018 Dr. Aisha Jalil
2 Influence of Social Class and Work Force Engagement on Political Participation of Women Journal Article 2019 Dr. Sania Muneer
3 Evaluating public out-patient care: satisfaction scores and profile characteristics of diabetes mellitus patients. Journal Article 2017 Dr. Aisha Jalil
4 Patient satisfaction with doctors in public diabetes clinic of Pakistan: prevalence and determinants. Journal Article 2018 Dr. Aisha Jalil
5 Does increased cost of living, education of daughters and reproductive health override son preference! An in-depth inquiry. Journal Article 2016 Dr. Aisha Jalil
6 . Maternal factors determining low birth weight in Pakistan: a secondary analysis. Journal Article 2016 Dr. Aisha Jalil
7 Determinants of fertility and fertility preferences in Pakistan: comparative secondary analysis of PDHS 2007 and 2013. Journal Article 2016 Dr. Aisha Jalil
8 Physical wife abuse in rural Sindh, Pakistan: prevalence, protective and risk factors. Journal Article 2013 Dr. Aisha Jalil
9 Food, City and Young Globavores: Perceptions of Pakistani Urban Youth about Food Choices and Healthy Eating. Journal Article 2017 Dr. Aisha Jalil
10 When sellers’ behavior goes bad: Linking customer discrimination and customer's visible characteristics. Journal Article 2016 Dr. Aisha Jalil
11 A secondary analysis of maternal factors determining low birth weight in Pakistan. Journal Article 2015 Dr. Aisha Jalil
12 Patient satisfaction with doctor-patient interactions: a mixed methods study among diabetes mellitus patients in Pakistan. Journal Article 2017 Dr. Aisha Jalil
13 Underreporting of stillbirths in Pakistan: perspectives of the parents, community and healthcare providers. Journal Article 2018 Dr. Aisha Jalil
14 Teaching and Learning Environment as Predictor of Nurturing Education Capabilities among Students in Lahore, Pakistan. Journal Article 2018 Dr. Aisha Jalil
15 A Survey of Construction Operatives: "Motivation" Journal Article 2018 Farwa Batool Sabih
16 Qualitative Analysis of Feminine Morality and Visible Personality Characteristics among Young Adults. Journal Article 2020 Dr. Aisha Jalil
17 Life Satisfaction, disease management and nutritional profile of diabetes mellitus patients: A hospital based cross sectional study. Journal Article 2020 Dr. Aisha Jalil
18 Total Quality Management system in Pakistan construction Industry Conference Paper 2018 Farwa Batool Sabih
19 Judicial Activism in Pakistan: A Case Study of Supreme Court Judgments 2008-13 Journal Article 2018 Kishwar Munir
20 Feudalism in Pakistan : mythor reality / challenges to feudalism Journal Article 2017 Dr. Tehmina Aslam Ranjha
21 CPEC: Crafting a Rational Way towards Kashmir Dispute Journal Article 2018 Dr. Sania Muneer
22 Pro-women laws in Pakistan: challenges towards implementation Journal Article 2017 Dr. Sania Muneer
23 The Making of the Seventh Nuclear Weapon State: Historiography of the beginning of the Nuclear Disorder in South Asia Journal Article 2017 Rabia Akhtar
24 Growing Geo-economic and Geo-strategic Interests of India in Afghanistan: Implications for Pakistan Journal Article 2016 Dr. Tehmina Aslam Ranjha
25 Manging Nuclear Risk in South Asia: A Pakistani Response Journal Article 2017 Rabia Akhtar
26 Nuclear Learning in South Asia: The South Asian Experience Journal Article 2016 Rabia Akhtar
27 Pakistan, India and China After the US Drawdown from Afghanistan Journal Article 2015 Rabia Akhtar
28 Gender Vs Issues of War and Peace Conference Paper 2006 Rabia Akhtar
29 Emerging Security Dilemma of Pakistan in the wake of Indo-US Defense Deal 2005 Journal Article August 2006 Rabia Akhtar
30 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Journal Article September 2006 Rabia Akhtar