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University of Lahore

2nd International Youth Summit 2018 Lahore.
The University of Lahore 1 - KM Defence Road, Lahore
The Center for Security , Strategy and Policy Research co-hosted the first day of the Second International Youth Summit organized by the Center for Sustainability, Research and Practice on Monday, 27th November. Three panel discussions were held. Moderated by Zeeshan Shahid Khan, the panel on Peace, Security and Sustainability engaged Khalid Banuri, Hassan Akbar and Dr.Salma Malik in discussion how the youth can be galvanized to play a role in promoting peace and sustainable security. Salman Zaidi moderated a panel on Social Media and Populist Nationalism. Fahd Husain , Ejaz Haider , Umair Javed and Aysha Alam shed light on the effects of social media on politics, quality of leadership and the media itself. Dr.Rabia Akhtar moderated the panel on Culture of Peace :Youth As Agents of Change. Shaan Shahid , Awais Raoof , Javed Mirza and Tanya Adam Khan talked at length about what needs to be done to harness the potential of the youth and make them the catalyst of change.
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