Bachelor of Science in Governance and Public Policy

University of Lahore

The undergraduate degree in Social Science aims to develop amongst students a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of contemporary social science disciplines through three specializations: Politics and International Relations; International Development Studies and; Governance and Public Policy.



12 Years of education, Intermediate or equiliant at least 45%

Why this


This degree is designed to enable our graduates to join the Civil Superior Services (CSS) of Pakistan, Federal and Provincial Government, NGOs and INGOs, The UN, local and foreign media outlets and thinktanks.


List of Core Courses being offered are

Introduction to Politics and International Relations
Introduction to International Development Studies: Policy &Practice
Introduction to Government and Public Policy
Elements of Social Science Research
Globalization and Global Governance


List of Courses being offered in the Governance & Public Policy discipline:

Governance and Institutions
Economics and Social Policy
Politics and Governance in Pakistan
Leadership and Policy-making
The Role of Government
International Political Economy
Policy and Advocacy
Social Planning
Public Management
Issues in Public Policy
Higher Education and Public Policy
Determinants of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
Governance, Resources and Human Development
Democratization and Policy Formulation

Offered at Campuses
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Full Time, 4 Years

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